The Concept of

Fatherland Community, a new space to live, work and play. Our community meet members social, economic, spiritual, educational, and entertainment needs.

Who Can Join Fatherland?

Anyone interested in family and community values and traditions can join the Fatherland, whether a teacher, artist, student, investor, mentor, volunteer, or other. The community members benefit from our entertainment, social, recreation, education, travel, spirituality, investment, commerce, and nonprofit programs to give back to society.

Our Objectives

We aim to promote and protect African Culture, Spiritual, and Tradition around the World, creating opportunities for everyone to enjoy the True African Experience and yield significant revenue for the governments via taxes.

We address African descent’s challenges by creating sustainable, culturally designed enterprises and ecosystems that bring opportunities to the people and communities.

Creating equality, economic inclusion, and shared prosperity sustainably for a better future for the African and African descendants in the United States and globally.

Join Fatherland

Our community delivers exclusive benefits and brands to the global population targeting over 100 million members. Enjoy exclusive benefits, networking & attractive tangible possibilities.

Unlimited Access To Exclusive Brands & Benefits

Free Access to Fatherland Recreational Centers around the World.

Enjoy Great Discounts Offers on Spiritual and Cultural Tours.

Get a 40% Discounted Price on Training and Educational Programs with the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics.

Up to 50% Discount on any product purchased at Fatherland Store, Handcrafted, Vintage, and Craft Marketplace.

Access the most Extensive Collection of Family History Records.

Get a Connection to the Places in the World where your Story Started.

Access discounted rich flavours of African cuisines in African Restaurants Worldwide.

Discounted Tickets to Spectacular Events

Access the Best Start-up Accelerator for Black Entrepreneurs in Food and Entertainment.

Access the Fatherland Community Co-working Space, Learning, Networking, and Lounges.

Generous discounts on Fatherland Properties around the World.

Start Your Local Fatherland Community Hub, A Life-Changing Business Opportunity

See More Benefits & Brands on Fatherland Community

See More Benefits & Brands on Fatherland Community
See More Benefits & Brands on Fatherland

Enjoy the Best Brands with Tailored Benefits All-In -One-Community

Fatherland Community Hub is charming place that serves it's local community as a center of learning, co-working and networking.

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We are in exciting locations in all parts of the world

Join Fatherland hub to meet and collaborate with other members, based on location, role, or interests.

Join Unforgettable Celebration of Art, Music, Culture, Live Shows & many more

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