The Concept of

Fatherland Community

FATHERLAND reveals how a group of people is bound geographically, culturally, linguistically, religiously, and economically in the challenging world for Africans and African Descendants. The concept is self-sustainable and focuses on self-determination to flourish and become a vibrant, courageous, and proud community for Africans and African Descendants worldwide.

Building Community Hubs & Ecosystem for the African Descent

Fatherland is a mission-driven enterprise that aims to meet people’s economic, recreational, educational, and entertainment needs by creating community hubs, cultural, art, spiritual, and tourist destinations. It seeks to showcase the story of Africa and its resources, while providing economic opportunities for African and African descendants worldwide.

Our Impact


Our communities are created to empower Africans with sustainable and culturally designed interventions.


We empower the African descent through creative and sustainable product and services.

Policy Center

We facilitate support and promote public policies that enhance development and growth.

Join Fatherland Community

Our community deliver exclusive programs and services to global population targeting over 100 million members. Enjoy premier benefits across travel, lifestyle, heritage, history, Spiritual, culture, entertainment, education, property purchase, social & business networking & attractive tangible business possibilities when you join.

Our Objectives

We aim to promote and protect African Culture, Spiritual, and Tradition around the World, creating opportunities for everyone to enjoy the True African Experience and yield significant revenue for the governments via taxes.

We address African descent’s challenges by creating sustainable, culturally designed enterprises and ecosystems that bring opportunities to the people and communities.

Creating equality, economic inclusion, and shared prosperity sustainably for a better future for the African and African descendants in the United States and globally.

The Magic of The Fatherland African Creative City

All the Fatherland Creative Cities which will be distinguished by brightly coloured magnificent large ornamental arch entrance structures, and an extensive traditional wall (which will also ensure safety and security), will serve as fantastic, uplifting, inviting places to not only visit for a day, but to also stay in, on vacations and business trips.

A new way to live, work and play!

Discover Fatherland Badagry Lagos

Fatherland Community, Your Afrocentric lifestyle brands, All in one place.

As part of the Fatherland Community, all our brands are united by our purpose to meet people’s economic, cultural, tourism, recreational, educational, and entertainment needs.



Premium Videos, Movies, TV Shows & More. Your all in one platform for Black Entertainment.

News & Culture

Fatherland News

Fatherland News – Latest News, Art, Culture and Lifestyle for African I African American I African Diaspora

Music & Podcast

ForeMedia Music

Afro-Centric Unlimited l Stream Thousands of Songs & Podcasts. Discover more, free on mobile or tablet.

Accelerator Platform

Fortune Entrepreneur

Startup accelerator platform that helps Afro founders to understand, access capital and market.

Video Production

ForeMedia Studios

ForeMedia Studios is a studio dedicated to producing high quality & authentic African stories.


Explore Cultural Learning

Online cultural learning for all. Unlimited access to 180+ classes delivered in bite-sized lessons.


ForeMedia Store

ForeMedia Store is a destination for unique and creative products inspired by Africans.


Fatherland Ancestry

Fatherland Community A social network platform connecting African Descent to their Ancestry Roots.

Explore Cultural Learning

Fatherland’s Explore Cultural Learning, the unique, uplifting, educational platform, teaches about the Culture and Traditional Values of Africa. This important project, which is being commended for a highly coveted educational award, provides an in-depth understanding of a revered, time-honored, African way of life.

Fatherland Community : Local Community Hubs for Everyone

Building global community hubs with more remarkable futures through culture, education, economic, investment, empowerment, and entertainment for the Africans.

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